Tangency Strategy

When was the last time you got REALLY excited about your role?  Shake it up, turn it inside out, stand out from the crowd.  Think tangentially!

We want to help high potential people make their mark on their business. We help them “Break Through.”

Where do we start? Often with the question “What keeps you up at night?” This question leads us to your biggest challenges, your biggest frustrations, and your biggest obstacles.  It is here we see opportunity.

We have a proven track record of solving big challenges with Tangential Thinking.  It's more than a process, we have a completely different perspective. We firmly believe "Feature/Advantage/Benefit" sales and marketing is at best a cost of entry, at worst, a waste of time. This, and classic "strategy" does little more than evoke sameness. 

Your market research results get you to the "least offensive" or "least risk" positioning.  These "herding" insights drive too many brands to commoditization!  Why not strive for truly meaningful differentiation in the eyes of your target customer?  In a world of cookie cutter, me too, safe marketing, why not become that which your customer DESIRES? In today's world, where we all have far more than we can ever consume, it is no longer about your brand's features vs. your competition.  It's about building Purpose Brands that best meet your customer's jobs requirements.  We deploy Jobs -To –Be- Done Demand Generation.  Developed at Harvard, proven in the most challenging circumstances, practiced by few.  It is what we do!

Manufacturing, Pharma, Medical Device, IT and more.  We have helped drive existing business, and generate demand for new business, different business.  In today’s economy the old approach is rarely going to help you break through.

We deliver several Impact Initiatives designed to help you break through.  These include:

Facilitated Internal Impact Sessions:  Here we take business analysis, strategic planning, and tactical brainstorming to a whole new level.  Our focus is different, our approach is unique, our results are breakthrough. 

Impact War Gaming:  There are times when the best defense is a great offense, that’s for sure.  But how do you determine the highest impact or least risk efforts?  We believe that by simulating the action and reaction that may be evoked from your competitors yields critical insights.  Our Impact War Gaming exercises are exciting for participants, and yield breakthrough direction.

Impact Customer Interventions:  We help you gain new insights into your existing markets, or gain critical understanding of new markets through our unique approach to customer interventions.  We take the tried and true, but tired and old, advisory board to a new level of value to your organization.  We also help you get past the limitations of traditional market research via our one on one Impact Interventions.  We have all looked at market research reports that are heavy on ink and paper, but light on real insight.  We dig deep into the heart and minds of your customer to gain the strategic insights you need to make the right decisions.

Let us bring you fresh ideas and breakthrough approaches.  We will deliver the goods for you.

Doing the Right Things, Right